Hungry Slinky

April 25, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I had a lot of fun with this nylon slinky.  In a series of pics he slowly evolved until he became the Hungry Slinky.  Once he satisfied his hunger, he left town on the Slinky Express (no COVID theme there).  The photo hung in the Outside-The-Box Exhibit in Oxford, PA in February 2022, and then was juried into the 12th Annual Joseph Miller Abstract Photography Exhibit in Virginia along with the Slinky Express photo.  Contact me after you sanitize your hands if you want to know how I set up this shot.
_DSC7659 v4 smHungry Slinky<strong><span class="large">Abstracts are non-representational and do not rely upon recognizable subject matter, but rather consist of colors, tones, shapes and textures. If the image has an obvious subject, it is NOT an abstract. Abstracts may be &ldquo;created&rdquo; or &ldquo;found.&rdquo; &ldquo;Found&rdquo; abstracts generally require some isolation in order to render the subject unrecognizable. Abstracts are the poetry of photography, free verse written in color and tone producing feelings of mystery regarding what the image is and what it is trying to say. Abstracts are an art form, and like other works of art, are felt as well as seen. Joseph Miller</span></strong>


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