Juggling Sand 2022 Retrospective

February 11, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Juggling Sand is my 2022 retrospective.  Some shots were taken before 2022, but they are in this book because they received recognition in 2022. There are more photos of people and abstractions - I look at it as people and poetry.  The COVID word is being used less and less, but the world is still a messy place.  We teeter on World War III involving Ukraine, Putin, China, North Korea, Iran, the EU and the USA.  Global warming is causing an increase in what we still call "natural disasters."  In the USA we have the toxic brew of violent polarizing politics mixed with an utter lack of gun control.  I have not lost hope, but it does feel like we are just Juggling Sand. 


Juggling Sand coverJuggling Sand cover


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