New Normal 2021 Retrospective

March 02, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

In a continuing effort to provide a collection of my photos for family and friends, I again self published a collection of some of my photos from the past year.  I titled the 2021 collection - New Normal 2021.

I am trying to move away from the COVID theme that has permeated my blog, but the damn virus just won't go away.  With any luck we may have turned it from a pandemic to an endemic.  Like Social Distance, I anticipate that New Normal 2021 will be a hot read in 10 years or less. If you want a copy you can order the softbound or digital version from Blurb at this link.

If you have any problems getting a copy from Blurb Publishing, just email me as I should be able to get a copy to you as long as they are in print.

New Normal coverNew Normal cover




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